Marriage Amendment Galvanizing Churches and the Electorate

This November’s election may pit a relatively moderate Republican against a
relatively moderate Democrat for the Presidency, but the rhetoric in California
is not likely to remain moderate.  Conservative Christians and other supporters
of amendments to state constitutions defining marriage as a union of one woman
and one man have managed to put the issue on the ballot in California.  Liberal
Christians and other groups who support marriage rights for homosexual couples
are rallying to oppose the measure.

As the summer heats up and the campaigns to support or defeat these amendments
kick into full swing, both sides will be holding rallies, issuing press
releases, raising funds and appealing to churches and other religious
organizations for support. has already gathered a long
list of endorsements from some of the most well known conservative Christian
organizations including Focus on the Family, The Family Research Counsel, and
Concerned Women for America.  A number of California churches, clergy, and
elected officials have also endorsed the amendment.   

Religious organizations and churches that oppose the amendment are less numerous
and, so far, less vocal, but the United Church of Christ is supporting the
movement against the amendment.  Much of the organized opposition to the
amendment in California is coming from will follow developments in the campaigns for and against
the amendment as the November referendum approaches.

The United Church of Christ keeps a page on their website dedicated to informing and organizing Christians to oppose the marriage amendments.  Visit the page at

Visit at is the official site of the campaign that put the “California Marriage Protection Act” on the November ballot.  Visit them at

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