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  1. A small church in Wisconsin 36 miles south of Green Bay has a built tangible sign of love of neighbors right outside their front door. Ebenezer United Church of Christ in Chilton calls it a Blessing Box.

  2. The United Church of Christ's 2017 Hurricane Relief Fund received a generous gift from Retirement Housing Foundation, which helped push UCC disaster donations earmarked to assist people affected by Harvey, Irma and Maria over the $2 million mark.

  3. Our call is simple, recognize humanity; welcome and care for humanity.

  4. The United Church of Christ national leadership is inviting anyone and everyone who loves this church to a two-day summit in April 2018 that will focus on the very theological foundation that forms the denomination — and defines who we are…what we think…what we do…in the world.

  5. The UCC's Pennsylvania Southeast Conference is the lead voluntary agency in a public-private collaboration that is welcoming hundreds of Puerto Rican families fleeing dire post-Maria conditions on the island and seeking refuge in and around Philadelphia.

  6. A Global Ministries delegation celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with friends and partners in Cuba, part of a journey to deepen relationships between churches in the two countries.

  7. As Congress takes up a long-promised bill to reform our federal taxes, we are once again thrust into a very loud, very confusing conversation that will undoubtedly produce more heat than light.

  8. As we learned of the massacre at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, we mourned with this body of believers, this town, and our nation. 

  9. Three ministers with military ties, noting the upcoming Nov. 11 holiday, are encouraging congregations to 'Rethink Veterans Day,' and find ways as a faith community to care for our service members on Veterans Day and every day. 

  10. In the past year, I have visited with our global mission partners in the Middle East, in Colombia, and throughout Europe.

  11. A number of religious leaders and community activists put their bodies on the line in Washington, D.C. Wednesday afternoon to secure the futures of young people brought to this country as children. 

  12. A UCC Immigrant Welcoming Congregation in western Massachusetts had studied sanctuary, but determined a host of obstacles were standing in the way of harboring a neighbor in need – until the church got a phone call that changed all that.

  13. The United Church of Christ is one of multiple faith groups urging the Supreme Court to decide that businesses open to the public must serve all people.

  14. Interfaith clergy part of crowd overcoming hate with love in Shelbyville.

  15. Let's work together to uplift the lives and dignity of our neighbors and improve the health of our communities.

  16. Tennessee faith leaders are raising their voices, calling for love, faith, prayer, peace and solidarity with immigrant and refugee neighbors as the people of Middle Tennessee prepare for white nationalists who plan to rally on Oct. 28 against the foreign-born people settling in their communities.

  17. A Bennington, Vt. congregation's 'Green Justice' team took their environmental ministry into the streets outside a local bank to protest the financial institution's investments in fossil fuels.

  18. This year marks the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. What way does the church needs to change, move, act, or be to continue reforming today?

  19. UCC's the Rev. James Antal was one of a dozen religious leaders who gathered at the EPA Tuesday to "take a knee" in prayer and urge the current administration to address global climate change.

  20. Three professional journalists underscored the important role the media play in promoting social justice at the 35th Annual Everett C. Parker Ethics in Telecommunications Lecture, held Oct. 24 in Washington, D.C.