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Current News from the United Church of Christ
  1. We have a unique tradition at Uplands Village Life Plan Retirement Community on the Cumberland Plateau in East Tennessee. Love of neighbor, tied to love of creation. We care about the values of service to others and environmental stewardship. 

  2. Chicago Theological Seminary, one of six seminaries of the United Church of Christ and the oldest institution of higher education in Chicago, has been announced as the Premier Seminary Sponsor of the UCC’s General Synod 32.

  3. Another heart-wrenching tragedy resulting in the loss of innocent life has once again reminded us that, although thoughts and prayers are important, we must put our faith into action.

  4. Two overseas trips, two different United Church of Christ delegations led by the Rev. James Moos, United Church of Christ associate general minister of Global Engagement, both with a common goal.

  5. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Matthew Desmond, winner of numerous awards for his book which chronicles the lives of several families in the poorest neighborhoods in Milwaukee, will be the keynote speaker at the the United Church of Christ General Synod 32 in June.

  6. The United Church of Christ is mourning the passing of Audrey Miller, a Catholic nun and ordained UCC minister, who, during her time at the National Setting, was instrumental in educational leadership development, youth ministry programs and youth resources.

  7. The Executive Leadership of the United Church of Christ condemns the mass murder at a New Zealand mosque, an atrocious act of hate and terror, and prays for the safety in worship for all communities of faith.

  8. Since 1980, the United Church of Christ has been in relationship with the people and churches of Cuba through the UCC Cuba Study Seminar. 

  9. There have been so many vigils lately.

  10. Twenty-one resolutions going forward to General Synod, the nomination of a candidate for Associate General Minister of Global Engagement and a multimillion-dollar sale of the United Church of Christ’s Radisson Hotel topped the list of business addressed this week by the United Church of Christ Board of Directors.

  11. A small Connecticut church has been a consistent supporter of the One Great Hour of Sharing offering for 67 years—even though it didn't join the UCC until 1989.

  12. A United Church of Christ minister, one of 50 people being tracked and interrogated by the United States government for her humanitarian ministry at the border, preaches love.

  13. The Executive Leadership of the United Church of Christ speaks out against the political persecution of UCC minister for providing humanitarian assistance at the U.S.-Mexico Border.


  14. The United Church of Christ Board nominates the Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson for the position of Associate General Minister of Global Engagement and Co-Executive of Global Ministries, the common overseas ministry of the UCC and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

  15. As a member of the LGBTQI community and as an ordained clergyperson in the United Church of Christ (UCC), my heart is deeply saddened and my soul is greatly troubled as I pen this article.

  16. In the Northern California communities of Sonoma and Santa Rosa on Sunday morning, UCC clergy and their congregants went to worship with their local Methodist friends, attending their services as part of an interfaith gathering of solidarity and support.

  17. Recently I had a political conversation with a friend in which we discussed the border wall.

  18. A ministry that started with a peanut butter sandwich more than 15 years ago has developed into a major community endeavor at United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale that brings together outreach, worship, extravagant welcome and heartfelt hospitality.

  19. A Maryland new church start is starting something new, in an effort to change lives of men and women in its community.

  20. An Ohio church is hosting an old fashioned Hymn Sing on Sunday to raise money for disaster relief work in Puerto Rico.