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  1. Tanzil Philip, 16, Coral Springs, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, center, addresses the crowd outside of Leon High School in Tallahassee, Fla., Feb. 20, 2018.

    Kari Gottfried

    As a teenager and a Unitarian Universalist, I have no choice but to speak up against the failure of our government to protect its youth from gun violence.

  2. Person holding a slip of paper that says "Me too".

    Emily Wright-Magoon

    We can decide not to let our culture be defined by toxic masculinity.

  3. worshipers hold hands in the air at a 2016 General Assembly service

    Susan Frederick-Gray

    It’s going to take all of us to move our world, and our faith, forward in the ways of truth, compassion, and justice.

  4. The UUA Board of Trustees, administration, and members of the UUA staff meet at the Highlander Research and Education Center in Tennessee in January 2018.

    Elaine McArdle

    Changes will simplify social witness resolutions process, remove gendered language, and allow for co-moderators.

  5. African American man praying

    Michael Hornsby

    Why I returned to my mostly white UU congregation.

  6. Film still image from the movie "The Greatest Showman".

    Christopher L. Walton

    There are Unitarian Universalist angles to four prominent movies this season.

  7. Part of open door with silver door-handle - Stock image

    Liz James

    Putting holes in things that used to be solid is hard. Some days, there is broken glass everywhere. And not all of us are skilled with the metaphorical power tools.

  8. Portion of safety brochure for active shooter situation

    Donald E. Skinner

    Unitarian Universalist congregations are taking steps to be better prepared for emergencies.

  9. The Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray (left), a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit settled in January 2018 against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (center), leaves Arpaio's Maricopa County "tent city" jail after touring it with a religious delegation in June 2012.

    Elaine McArdle

    UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray, a plaintiff in suit against Arizona county sheriff’s office, says fight for immigrant justice continues.

  10. Voting booths at the 2017 General Assembly.

    Elaine McArdle

    Moderator Nominating Committee tells board that it found no suitable candidates willing to run for a six-year term.