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from "uuworld.org: liberal religion and life," the weekly online magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
  1. Travelers from the U.S. on a UU College of Social Justice trip to Nicaragua celebrate their new friendship with women from the Los Llanos CoopeMujer cooperative and the Esteli offices of Fundación Entre Mujeres.

    Air Nonken

    In Nicaragua, women cultivate power and share their wisdom with UU feminists from the United States.

  2. Protesters block the entrance to a downtown federal building housing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices Monday, July 2, 2018, in San Diego.

    Michael Hart

    Actions protesting U.S. treatment of migrants and asylum seekers were organized by the Latinx organization Mijente in San Diego on July 2.

  3. The General Assembly Youth Caucus speaks in favor of a bylaw amendment that gives religious educators delegate status.

    Christopher L. Walton

    UUA General Assembly continues focus on dismantling white supremacy. Resolutions condemn criminalization of migrants, call for end to private prisons, and urge support for indigenous water protectors.

  4. The climate activists arrested after shutting down Canada-to-U.S. pipelines, from left: Emily Johnston, Annette  Klapstein, Leonard Higgins, Ken Ward, and  Michael Foster.

    Alexandra Varney McDonald

    Climate activists turn to civil disobedience at the risk of serving prison time.

  5. The Rev. Charles Gaines receives the Distinguished Service award from Co-moderator Barb Greve

    Sonja L. Cohen

    Over fifty-seven years of ministry, the Rev. Charles Gaines has ‘modeled a Unitarian Universalism that can be.’

  6. Panelists at Anatomy of a Bailout, part of the 2018 UUA General Assembly’s public witness program

    Elaine McArdle

    Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism hosts public witness event at 2018 General Assembly focused on criminal justice reform.

  7. Aisha Hauser receives the Angus H. MacLean Award from Jessica York at the 2018 General Assembly

    Sonja L. Cohen

    Religious educator Aisha Hauser ‘has not just brought dignity—she has redefined dignity,’ says award presenter Jessica York.

  8. The Rev. Danielle Di Bona receives the Distinguished Service Award from UUA Secretary Christine Rivera

    Sonja L. Cohen

    The Rev. Danielle Assunta Di Bona receives the UUA’s highest honor for years of service and chaplain work.

  9. Unitarian Universalists respond to an anti-LGBT group of protesters from Westboro Baptist Church on June 21, 2018.

    Elaine McArdle

    During brief protest of Unitarian Universalist support for LGBT lives by Westboro Baptist Church, police arrest a local activist. General Assembly Safety Team works to de-escalate situation with police.

  10. Laying on of hands with LJ Brackson

    Christopher L. Walton

    Unitarian Universalist ministers and local UUs mark Juneteenth with rally in solidarity with Poor People’s Campaign in Kansas City.