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  1. In the South, black houses of worship are reducing the social suffering of H.I.V. with an approach that recalls Dr. King’s teachings.
  2. Officials apologized and said the case was an incorrect interpretation of France’s secularism law.
  3. Jack Miles, in “Religion as We Know It,” and Melvin Konner, in “Believers,” both turn to history to understand the nature of belief.
  4. Karen Armstrong’s new book argues that Scripture is meant to be interpreted by the spirit of the words, not by the letter of the law.
  5. The Indian Supreme Court’s decision to allow the building of a temple for Rama on a disputed site is likely to intensify the Hindu nationalist efforts to turn India into a majoritarian nation.
  6. A woman taking stock of inherited goods discovered signed prints worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  7. Let’s put an end to this racist trope.
  8. And why are millennials turning to the occult?
  9. Gospel music insiders on the rapper’s turn to religious music and how his album relates to contemporary holy hip-hop.
  10. Three reasons the narrative of rapid secularization is incomplete.