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  1. While all eyes are on Paris’s fire-ravaged Notre-Dame, New York’s St. John the Divine cathedral is dealing with the aftermath of a fire of its own.
  2. As economic pressures prevent young couples from affording marriage ceremonies, powerful benefactors have stepped in to sponsor mass weddings. What’s in it for them? Children for the cause.
  3. An interview with the 2020 presidential candidate
  4. “If you want to vote Democrat, you are being very disloyal to Jewish people and very disloyal to Israel,” President Trump said.
  5. Until we understand what really drives extremists, we will not be able to stop them.
  6. We are in a deep spiritual crisis that can’t be relieved by politics, or philosophy.
  7. Laboring to survive in the present, we simultaneously imagine our future demise.
  8. The New Age author was drawn to an esoteric bible in the 1970s. It made her a self-help megastar. And now it has gone mainstream.
  9. A meeting between Russia’s president, seen as the spiritual strongman of European nationalists, and the pope, a moral voice against populism, comes amid an ideological divide in the West.
  10. It’s offensive to both politics and religion.