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  1. The emerging populace loves to shop and sees Islamic values as the solution to the country’s problems.
  2. Twanna Gause and Vanessa Brown, who met as choir girls nearly 30 years ago, were wed, much to the displeasure of Ms. Gause’s father, also a minister.
  3. Welcoming the stranger is one of the great moral traditions liberals have.
  4. Bruce Aitken, a convicted money launderer, sees his radio outreach to prisoners and their families as his “own personal penance.”
  5. After the storm, 17 people joined in prayer before clearing out the flooded house of an aging widow. God, they insisted, was also there.
  6. Americans were excited about the eclipse, but hurricanes, wildfires, and an earthquake have some — and not just deeply religious people — thinking dark thoughts.
  7. Selected by Terrance Hayes.
  8. A former conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, he became an influential evangelical thinker in Washington.
  9. We all have many identities, and we do best when we’re able to move through them gracefully.
  10. India’s Muslim population has begun to fear that the anxieties of the Muslims who fought for the creation of Pakistan could be coming true.