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  1. Born on a river island in West Africa and inspired by Helen Keller, he wound up teaching at Yale and writing about the spread of religions in Africa.
  2. The debate over whether women of childbearing age can visit a shrine in southern India has become a battle involving caste, gender, party politics and history.
  3. Four new literary works revisit African history, refiguring age-old maledictions as a birthright, a special form of insight, a superpower, a redemption. Julian Lucas explains.
  4. Is the world ready for another Great Schism?
  5. Facing death, I felt the connection between the past and the present more deeply than I ever thought I would.
  6. Young adult books now address every corner of teenage experience, no matter how dark or racy. But few authors dare to write about religion and faith.
  7. The lead pastors of Churchome Global say the experience it offers doesn’t have to be isolating.
  8. I question William Lane Craig of Talbot School of Theology and Houston Baptist University about Christianity.
  9. The votive objects at Bard Graduate Center constitute an art form all their own — tokens that say “please” and “thank you.”
  10. Often neglected, these considerations can guide you to increased confidence in your charitable choices.