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  1. We humans know more truths than any species on earth. Yet we also believe the most falsehoods.
  2. “Concentration camps,” electronic surveillance and persecution are used to repress millions of people of faith.
  3. Faith, like feminism, sets high expectations for husbands.
  4. A once-stable country is plagued by extremists pouring over its northern border, restive farmers and herdsmen battling for land, and militias bent on tit-for-tat vengeance.
  5. The professional basketball season resembles an election campaign, with party colors adorning team jerseys and banners of political patrons hanging in stadiums. Then there are the insults and riots.
  6. South of Marrakesh, the Draa Valley still exerts an indefinable pull, retaining traces of its now almost-vanished Berber kingdom.
  7. The Democrats running the House are changing things, including sometimes omitting words from the swearing-in oath, and some Republicans are not pleased.
  8. For the ever dwindling Parsi community of western India, food is both pleasure and heritage — and a secret language in danger of dying out.
  9. A reader discusses an Op-Ed by an Episcopal priest that hailed Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s candidacy as a milestone.
  10. A bill to end religious exemptions is stalled, in part because of concern about the reaction of politically influential religious constituents, including ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups.