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  1. Most Americans choose a political party before choosing whether to join a religious community.
  2. Hindu nationalism reaches new heights in a quest to find a sacred river.
  3. Talismans and amulets — objects believed to have magical powers — were once part of any self-respecting doctor’s medicine bag.
  4. The astrophysicist and novelist Alan Lightman doesn’t think so. And his new book, “Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine,” explains why.
  5. Parable-based religion has receded from the public square, replaced by heroic myth, and the competitive virtues it celebrates.
  6. The religious institution made history silencing Paige Patterson — but it has been good at evading change, especially in regard to women.
  7. Ireland will vote in a referendum on whether to strike the ban on blasphemy from the Constitution. A reference to women belonging in the home may also bite the dust.
  8. A small but growing number of American Muslims are acquiring guns. We asked them why.
  9. Many students want to use their love for Jesus not to uphold traditional values, but to engage with and change the world.
  10. No amount of scientific explanation or sociopolitical theorizing is going to console a grieving mother.