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  1. Two Muslim women are among the plaintiffs in a class action claiming that a police policy violates civil rights.
  2. In “What Are We Doing Here?,” her new collection of essays, Marilynne Robinson mounts a vigorous defense of America’s ethical traditions and egalitarian institutions.
  3. Reggie Wilson’s Platform for Danspace Project considers the importance of houses of worship in the largely secular world of contemporary dance.
  4. The United States rejected 100 Iranians, mainly members of Christian minorities, who had applied for refugee status under a law offering religious protections.
  5. Faith is correlated with better health and higher incomes. How should a secular liberal think about these patterns?
  6. The American evangelical preached and prayed to secure Europe as a stronghold for American-style democracy, capitalism and Christianity.
  7. Too often he resisted revising Protestantism to reflect the diversity and knowledge of the modern world.
  8. Evangelists, Graham said, “have to stand in the middle in order to preach to all people, right and left.”
  9. As the powers that be in Beijing and the Vatican negotiate over who appoints clerics, many worshipers have more pressing worries.
  10. Scientists have often recounted a story about the domestication of rabbits involving a pope and Lent. But it’s just not true.