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  1. Chelsea have claimed that hat-trick hero Alvaro Morata was grateful to fans for coming up with an acceptable new song in his honour. Supporters ditched a previous anti-semitic chant
  2. 21 September 2017 -- Highlighting the dangers posed by terrorism in Africa"s sub-Saharan Sahel region, African leaders mounted the podium of the United Nations General Assembly today to appeal for the

  3. Sunday's election will bring into parliament dozens of ultranationalist representatives that call of Germans to stop feeling guilty for the crimes of the Nazis

  4. A school superintendent in Vermont says a substitute teacher has been fired after being accused of showing elementary school children how to make the Nazi salute to Adolf Hitler.
  5. Laurent Louis, right, a former Belgian MP who was convicted for Holocaust denial was ordered by a Brussels court to visit former Nazi concentration camps and write about the experience as part of his
  6. The graffiti was found inside a women's restroom at the Catholic university's LXR residence hall, according to an email sent to students by the school's president, John J. DeGioia....